Hi, I'm Lila.

28. Born in Stratford Ontario, raised in hospitality.
Graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BA and Fine Art Studio specialization.

My perfect meal: A dozen oysters. Cacio e Pepe. Chocolate.
Meal I am most proud of: My French omelette.
Ingredients I'll never run out of: Mustard(s). Parmesan Cheese. An expired salad dressing that's "still good".
Chef I'd love to meet: The 20 year old I suspect to be in charge of Dairy Queen Blizzard flavours.

Let's work together


As a professionally trained photographer with over ten years of complimentary work in the hospitality industry, I have continuously found myself entrenched in the process of exploring and communicating identity through food. Together, the food and hospitality industry represent some of the oldest traditions ever forged; shared meals, and the building of community. My approach to photographing food is about bringing recognition to this fundamentally human element behind it all - the crops we grow, the food we eat, and the community we build within the brand.

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