Food Photography for me is a culmination of my love for food, years in the service industry, and the ongoing research into food systems that began in my undergraduate degree (see "undergraduate thesis" tab for more). Ultimately, I approach my work with food and chefs as an opportunity to also tell a story. In doing so, the work that I do occupies space with a conscious intention to improve transparency in the culinary scene, enriching the experience of the dishes we eat, and the commercial environments we often enjoy them in.

Whether you are a restaurant looking to market yourself within your community, or solidify yourself as a contributing member to the culinary scene, my work functions to highlight not only food - but the human position behind it.

To see past collaborations and menu work, see below.

Earth to Table. In documenting food in both rural and commercial spaces, an underlying intention in my work is to acknowledge the ways in which we experience our own identity through food. In bringing human involvement in these food processes to the forefront, I seek to further the conversation around restaurants, around our food systems, and grant greater context for those who enter engage with those spaces.

One team, one dream. With so much of my practice centred around lifestyle photography and a drive to uncover the narrative behind what I photograph, documenting service teams have become a natural inclusion in many of the sessions I do. Documenting both front of house and back of house, it is the team environment and sense of collaboration that truly brings to life the full experience surrounding the food I photograph.

Doing what you love. It is those final touches to the plate that are the most thoughtful, and the most telling of how much consideration goes into every dish going out of the kitchen. Showing the moment where the final dish comes together really brings a conscious human connection to the food being served, those creating it, and the brand identity behind it! Ultimately, nothing brings people together quite in the way that food does.

Food Photography Sessions

Booking Information

If you would like to work together to bring your menu to life I have a series of packages catered specifically towards menu documentation, as well as packages inclusive of brand content (ie. prep shots, team photos, and others as seen above).

To review the packages I offer or want to chat about what that looks like for your brand and restaurant, please feel free to email me!